Good and safe water on board is essential for the operation of any vessel or rig. Our vast maritime experience gives us a thorough understanding of your business. Water from every source is treated until every tap point is of its proper quality: safe and healthy. Please contact us for our special offer on water test kits. To ensure a constant quality of your drinking, the process or ballast water, Hatenboer-Water has various test kits available. As a specialist in water treatment, we put together kits to ensure that you comply with regulations once you have a specific test kit on site or on board. MLC and NIPH are exemplary.


    Kroonint develops and produces paint and coatings for the offshore and marine Industry. Top-quality innovative products which allows longer maintenance intervals and reduces cost. Effective, sustainable, easy to use and safe.


    Waste compaction from Tomra does not just produce less volume. Aspecially designed for the marine industry, the Orwak 5030 compactor is a winning concept still going strong: versatile, high compaction ration on the spot and hygienic waste handling. As less storage space is needed, you can safe money by selecting favourable ports for waste collection from board.

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    Non-chemical, non-toxic cleaning products. The most sustainable cleaning products on our planet are non-chemical and non-toxic. The industrial Ship Cleaner is by far the most powerful green cleaner available. A 100% non-toxic, non-chemical & non-corrosive
    bio-detergent that doesn’t compromise on a powerful, safe and reliable cleaning result.